Markdubbeln, #2, long

Markdubbeln, #2, long

Start Sunday morning, August 4. The ground double #2 is a long-distance competition with competition classes and open classes.
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Track lengths

H85 2,5 Blue
H80 3,0 Blue
H75 3,5 Blue
H70 4,0 Blue
H65 4,5 Black
H60 5,0 Black
H55 5,5 Black
H50 6,0 Black
H45 6,5 Black
H40 7,5 Black
H35 8,0 Black
H21 10,0 Black
H2O 7,0 Black
H18 6,5 Black
H16 5,5 Violet
H14 4,0 Orange
H12 3,0 Yellow
H10 2,5 White
D85 2,5 Blue
D80 2,5 Blue
D75 3,0 Blue
D70 3,0 Blue
D65 3,5 Black
D60 3,5 Black
D55 4,0 Black
D50 4,0 Black
D45 4,5 Black
D40 5,0 Black
D35 6,0 Black
D21 8,0 Black
D20 5,5 Black
D18 5,0 Black
D16 5,0 Violet
D14 4,0 Orange
D12 3,0 Yellow
D10 2,5 White
Very easy 2,0 White
Easy 2,5 Yellow
Easy 5,0 Yellow
Medium difficulty 3,0 Orange
Medium difficulty 5,0 Orange
Difficult 3,0 Blue
Difficult 5,0 Black
Difficult 7,0 Black
Enrollment 2,0 Green
U2 2,0 White
U3 2,5 Yellow
U4 3,0 Orange

Terrain description

The long distance runs on the same type of terrain as the middle distance.

The terrain mainly consists of cultivated forest land with clear elements of fallow land.

The area near the arena contains cultural land and a denser path network compared to the rest of the map.

The cupping is weak to moderate with a slope to the southeast that has an elongated area with many larger and smaller escarpments.

Accessibility is partially limited The area consists of many long narrow parcels with different ages of the forest, which is largely coniferous forest with minor elements of deciduous forest.

Accessibility in the sunken lands varies greatly. Some are tufted and in several places tall rice grows which is marked with vertical green line grids but there are also areas that are easy to run to be fallow land.